the weather

by normal state

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Niko Kolis
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Niko Kolis Great lo-fi stuff. It's like if you mish mashed Now, Now and Infinity Crush together. V tite. Favorite track: perspectives.
Conrad Gagnon
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Conrad Gagnon This EP is absolutely gorgeous. Incredible songwriting and enough emotion to make you weep, all channeled through pleasant-yet-grungy diy lofi. I urge you to give this a listen and I hope you experience the same catharsis The Weather gave me. Favorite track: tdfw.
Sabastian Auth
Sabastian Auth thumbnail
Sabastian Auth I really like this album! You've definitely come a long way. I wish there was a little change in tempo in one of the songs, but the album had an overall chill feel. Like something I would listen to by a campfire! Favorite track: the racquet theory.
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released March 24, 2015

cw: lots of sadness and drugs



all rights reserved


normal state Golden Beach, Maryland

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Track Name: tdfw
i want to get so drunk that i throw you up
here's to absolutely nothing
that's what's left of us
don't play with my heart
it is not your guitar
i refuse to be another sad song

i want to kill my brain cells so i forget it all
i want to wake up in the morning unable to recall the taste of your lips or the smell of your skin
i want to forget by morning

i am no property but you can have all of me
make me an offer
i'll settle for anything
i don't believe in anything that's meant to be
cause you were never meant for me, you were never meant for me
if you ever fell for me you know that i'd pick you back up
but i am free falling and your fucking arms are crossed

i want to get so drunk that i throw you up
here's to absolutely nothing that's what's left of us
i'm drowning my sorrows
here's to tomorrow
turn down for what
i want to get so drunk
want to get so turnt up
turn down for what
Track Name: the racquet theory
today i feel unworthy of the air that i am breathing
in and out and in and out
to take my mind off of this feeling
maybe i'll keep my mouth closed
it never does it's job right so i'll retire all the thoughts that make me feel like i'm on fire

i am burning
you are water
save me
i am getting hotter

late nights drag on forever
in the morning i'll feel better
for tonight i'll hate my life
i'll blame it on the fucking weather
i fucking hate myself for hating myself
this circle's spiraling but i'm too stubborn to ask for help

i'm wasting my life hating being alive
i'm wasting my time waiting for it to be right
i'm wasting my life, i'm wasting my time
Track Name: mansions
i can't get out of bed with this song stuck in my head
and i can't face the world
in this fucked up state i'm in
and i'm sick of counting hours
until i can go to sleep
so i can close my eyes to what i let you do to me

i'd rather be upset than try and fail at anything different
so lay me down put me to rest
i wanna feel weightless
the walls in this mansion are limitless
i just need anything to take off the edge

and the palm of your hand is not a comfortable seat
you took the best in me and my sanity
but i'm not as crazy as you made me out to be

can you be my fix
Track Name: perspectives
i have all the answers but not confidence to raise my hand cause i am sweating with anxiety
i don't fit in i've been crammed in
waste of bones and waste of skin
and air that you could be breathing
i left before they could kick me out
ended up on top somehow

pass me one more note folded
a bathroom stall that i painted
i'll lose myself for just one second
tie me up let my eyes roll back
fuck the sun
i'll paint it all black
i don't wanna be here today
i don't wanna feel anything

life is a game and you'll lose if you don't have anything to prove

i've got all these stories to tell my friends' grandchildren
i've seen the world through so many perspectives
my dumbass decisions made me wise
i've seen the world through so many pairs of eyes