cloudy, like your head

by normal state

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a love story

thank you to jeremy moss, angie bussi, john whitecar, jazzyj, james buckler, joey cole, and sammy for their voices and perspectives for this collection of songs, and for being friends


released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


normal state Golden Beach, Maryland

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Track Name: yellow flowers
you planted wild yellow flowers in your garden one day
and watched the summer heat turn it all to flames
and they wanted you to so badly pick them a bouquet
but the fire was spreading
you said its too late now, but I will be back one day, someday
it's cloudy like your head and you don't want to go outside
everybody's pushing pills, but you're already high
it won't make you happy just 'cause it won't make you sad
you don't need the answers to the questions that you ask
get out of your body
it is only going to hurt
if you keep on trying, one day you can leave the earth
I'm here to clear my head
my friends are dead
I didn't like them anyway
Track Name: cactus guts
you are in need of something quick and cheap to cover up the blue
we are 500 miles away but I am sitting in your room
I love the torture of the movie I keep watching in my head
but that is not reality
those characters are dead
I still sleep with the lights on
I still check under my bed
regression is my only method of self defense
I'm scared of the dark knowing everyone else in this time zone is unconscious except for us
Track Name: forsythia
objectified, I was your piece of art to stare at and critique
puzzled look, squinted eyes
trying to find the ways in which it won't comply
so I went as far away from home as I could go
but you won't leave me alone
you won't
Track Name: reconstructed
I've been living in a lot of places
I don't ever want to find a home
I've been seeing familiar faces reconstructed with a different ego
we can talk about the changing weather
if I ask to use your lighter, can we smoke together?
Track Name: relics
memories last as long as the relics you keep attached until they fall out of your pocket and are forgotten
like my name carved in wood, hidden in a crevice
a forgotten passenger you did not notice
that watched you cry as you drove away
the only souvenir to hold my name
did you throw it away?
did you throw me away?
I still have your favorite sweater in my car
it's getting colder, you might need it where you are
I've gotten better it's just been so fucking hard
if you're listening, I wish you weren't so far